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How To Play Major And Minor Chords On A Keyboard

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This is for users who are unfamiliar with "Major and Minor" chords.

Whenever we play more than two notes at the same time we refer to it as a "Chord" and Chords provide the harmonic framework and much of the colorants sound of music, with 61 keys and 10 fingers the keyboard gives you the possibility of a huge variety of chords. In this post i'm going to show you how to play "Major and Minor" chords.

Major chords:

C  ,  D  ,  E  ,  F  ,  G  ,  A  ,  B

C Major : C  E  D (notes)

D Major : D   F#  A (notes)

E Major : E  G#  B (notes)

F Major : F  A  C (notes)

G Major : G  B  D (notes)

A Major : A C# E (Notes)

B Major : B  D#  F# (Notes)

Minor chords:

Cm  ,  Dm  ,  Em  ,  Fm  ,  Gm  ,  Am  ,  Bm

C Minor : C  D#  G (notes)

D Minor : D  F  A (notes)

E Minor : E  G  B (notes)

F Minor : F  G#  C (notes)

G Minor : F  G#  C (notes)

A Minor : A  C  E (notes)

B Minor : B  D  F# (notes)

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  1. rom says:

    You are a good teacher and a very generous person bcoz u takes time to prepare video tuts and u upload them on the web.
    Thank you soooooo much!

  2. rom says:

    I never took any keyboard training but i'm learning a lot from your tutorials, my biggest problem is that I can't play with both hands at a time. can u please give me some tips on how to play like a pro. Thanks!

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